ATLANTIDA investigates marine compounds as potential anti-glioma agents

ATLANTIDA’s Research Line 4 – Marine biobanks as tools for marine biotechnology has just published the research paper Small Molecules of Marine Origin as Potential Anti-Glioma Agents, featuring an overview of marine compounds which could be useful as anti-glioma agents.
As marine organisms are able to produce a plethora of small molecules with novel chemical structures and potent biological properties, they constitute a fertile source of pharmacologically active compounds. Glioma is classified by the World Health Organization as the most common and aggressive form of tumor on CNS, having currently only one chemotherapeutic option approved. This paper presents, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of nearly fifty marine compounds described as anti-glioma agents in the last decade, organized accordingly to their marine sources. Some of these marine compounds could be promising leads for the discovery of new therapeutic alternatives for glioma treatment.