Research Line 1

RL1 focusses on Ocean Action and Resources, comprising coastal and estuarine monitoring and modelling to provide relevant, up-to-date data, products and model outcomes related to climate change and wave energy, global change and marine and estuarine biological systems, as well as deep-sea dynamics and microbiome diversity.


Ocean and coastal monitoring and modelling

New insights into emerging and understudied issues in the Northern-Portuguese ocean territory, like threats to biodiversity, climate change, sustainable resource management and renewable energy

Obtain and provide relevant, up-to-date data, products and models to regional stakeholders, including authorities

Support the blue economy of the region


  • Coastal observatory and monitoring
  • Wave energy and coastal morphodynamics
  • Global change, marine and estuarine biological systems
  • Deep sea dynamics modelling and experimentation
  • Coordination, Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of results