Research Line 3

Seafood is uniquely positioned to satisfy consumer´s new “clean protein” obsession. Consumers eat seafood because it’s healthier than other proteins. The trends of healthy eating and ethical consumerism are driving seafood sector growth.

High in protein, antioxidants, omega-3, and numerous vitamins and minerals, seafood items are a veritable superfood that fit well in healthy, protein-rich, clean diets.

RL3 will mainly target relevant fish species in the Atlantic Ocean, contributing to the sustainable growth of aquaculture, minimising the environmental impact of fish farms whilst contributing to safe and healthier food items for consumers.


Responsibly raising healthy seafood to unlock aquaculture potential
To unlock the potential of aquaculture addressing market trends

To contribute to the sustainable management and exploitation of marine resources in the Atlantic Ocean


  • Managing the biological life cycle under emerging environmental threats
  • Strategies to decrease the environmental impact of fish farms
  • Healthy and sustainable solutions to meet consumer trends
  • Improving fish health and welfare